• 2024 Winner of the 2024 Call for Scores 
      “Tomoko’s Quest for Happiness” was selected out of more than 900 submissions 
    • 2024 Winner of the Score Live Theme Tune Competition 
    • 2019 Winner of the German Game Music Award
      Live orchestral performance of his works for the trailers: State of Mind and Splatoon 2. The prize giving ceremony took place in Bremen in the Glocke Concert Hall with the help of Landesjugendorchester Bremen and Stefan Geiger.
    • 2018Pannonia Film Music Competition second prize
    • 2018, 2019Wiener Filmmusik Preis (Vienna Film Music Competition)
      second prize
    • 2017 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop
      with Richard Bellis in Los Angeles
      Selected participant
      At the end of the 4 week-long workshop, recording and conducting the composed music (Cinderella) with a world-class orchestra at the Newman Scoring Stage at XX. Century Fox Studios
    • 2017 Junior Prima Award (Budapest)
    • 2014 German Game Music Award
      Second prize in videogame scoring competition
      (Bremen, Germany)
      Live Performance of own works by the Landesjugendorchester Bremen and Stefan Geiger in the Glocke Concert Hall
      Two awarded works: Supermario 3D World, The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief
    • 2015, 2016 Top 10 Finalist at the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition
      (Poznan & Loz, Poland)
    • 2015 Top 10 Finalist at the Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition
    • 2014-2017 Finalist at the FMF Young Talent Award (Krakow, Poland)